I’ve written a post on how to select, register and get the most out of online courses (the MOOC guide). If you are new to online learning or interested in learning online more efficiently, check it out here.

Below is a list of online courses that I have reviewed/enrolled in so far and found to be quite useful:

  1. Physics

    1. Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers(series)- by Stanford University
    2. Circuits and Electronics(series)-by MIT (edx.org)
    3. Mechanics ReView(for first year-high school level Newtonian Mechanics)-by MITx(edx.org)
  2. Mathematics

    1. Elements of Complex Analysis-by Wesleyan University (coursera.org)
  3. Astronomy and Astrophysics

    1. Solar Systems Astronomy– by University of Arizona (edx.org)
    2. From Big Bang to Dark Energy-by University of Tokyo (coursera.org)
    3. Astrophysics series(4 courses)-by Australian National University (edx.org)
  4. Others

    1. Introduction to Computer Science(Cs50x)– by Harvard University (edx.org)
    2. Introduction to computer science and programming using Python-by MITx(edx.org)