Resonant Frequencies

Equation #13: Resonant frequencies/Harmonics vn = nth harmonic n = integer v0 = fundamental frequency We’ve all seen those opera singer references which claim that at a particular frequency, the singer’s voice can break a wine glass. The physics behind

Variational Principle

The variational Principle(or Hamilton’s Principle), as proposed by Hamilton is also known as the Law of Least Action. It is a fundamental principle of Mechanics and is more basic than Newton’s laws of motion. We have discussed D’Alembert’s Principle before

Projectile Motion

A projectile is something that is thrown from the ground (or some height) with certain velocity directed at an angle from the vertical. Since there is uniform gravitational acceleration g downwards, the projectile follows a curved path. We neglect air

Kinematics : translational motion

Kinematics is the domain of Mechanics that deals with simple translational motion. In this domain, we simply discuss the relationships among displacement, velocity and acceleration; without considering the cause of the motion. We know that velocity is the rate of