Getting the best out of New Year-student edition

As the new year begins, I’m sure you are all up for being more productive and achieve your goals, as am I. However achieving your goals require planning and perseverance. I hope this post helps you in this regard. Making

Online resources to boost productivity

1. Sounds of nature, ocean, rail tracks etc. are rhythmic and soothing. Many people find white noise to help them concentrate better. You can try out noisli if this method works for you. There is also a simple word

MCQs: Tips and Tricks

Most of the competitive exams these days have Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs, which have 4 or more possible answers and you have to choose one. Below are my tips for attempting these questions/papers. Preparing for Exams: Solving Past Papers

MOOC guide

I’m a big fan of online courses because they have provided me with the opportunity to test the waters before I dive in – that is to try learning more about my interests in a more structured and professional way,