MOOCs in Astronomy: starting soon

Online courses are becoming more and more popular these days among people who want to continue learning as well as students like me who wish to deepen their understanding. I have benefitted greatly from MOOCs in Physics because it allowed me

Best from the Web in the world of Astronomy-1: Daphnis and Asteroids

There are billions upon billions of stars and countless other objects in the universe, none of them exactly alike. All of these are studied under the domain of Astronomy. There is so much to learn and so much to discover

Particle Physics: Particles and the Standard Model

Particles are everywhere We know that matter consists of atoms which in turn consists of neutrons, protons and electrons. There are also photons, that carry electromagnetic energy. The electron appears to be a fundamental particle since we never see it

Law of Inertia: First law of motion

Aristotle believed that the natural tendency of objects is to rest, unless there is some external push on them to keep them moving. e.g. if you give a push to a swing, it continues for some time and gradually slows