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As the new year begins, I’m sure you are all up for being more productive and achieve your goals, as am I. However achieving your goals require planning and perseverance. I hope this post helps you in this regard.

Making resolutions vs Taking decisions

When we make resolutions, we are just expressing our wishes or projecting the image of someone we would like to become.

e.g. Promising that you’ll get in shape this year is just a wish, but deciding to work out 3 times a week is a decision. When you decide you’ll work out 3 times a week, you need to answer which three days, what kind of workout and where to workout(gym or home).

This year, don’t make wishes. Take decisions. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Clear out the clutter. Having a clean space would help you concentrate better and help you think logically. If you can, get rid of digital clutter as well. If you can’t do much, just put it all out of sight. Put every unnecessary file/icon on your desktop in a folder named “archive” and sort it out when you have time. See how beautiful your wallpaper is?
  2. Consider this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself.
  3. Find the big areas in your life that need attention. For most of us it is getting healthy, beating procrastination(aka being productive), staying organized or career decisions.
  4. Think a year ahead and imagine what it would be like if you achieved your aim.
  5. Think SMART (Small, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound; you know the drill) goals.
  6. Be positive. Do not underestimate the power of steadily working towards your goal. A year is plenty of time, make it worthwhile.
  7. Remember, getting rid of a bad habit is much harder than building a new one. Focus on building at first.
  8. Purge your list down. You have got a plenty of time but you can’t do everything(sadly). Start with one thing at a time.
  9. Have deadlines. Divide your goals into concrete smaller, measurable chunks. Plan the first step.

Goal setting for students

New year resolutions for college students

Getting your shit together

Put your goals on paper to make it ‘official’. Put them where you can see them regularly, e.g. on your wall, in a bullet journal or in a document file on your desktop etc.

How to do it?

So you’re all set with your goals. You have decided to make changes in your life. Now comes the planning part.

Here are strategies for the most common new year resolutions (50 of them).

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Resources for mentally ill students

However, planning is nothing if you can’t track your progress.
Invest in a planner, journal or download some apps. You might think you’re eating healthy most of the time, but your food diary may surprise you.

If you prefer paper:

Planner vs Bullet Journal

Bullet journal setup by @heysareena (check out her Youtube channel for more inspiration)

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Apps(if you prefer digital)

Recommended: Forest, Wunderlist, myfitnesspal, Google Calendar, Evernote

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  6. App of the week tag by @elkstudies

Tips to keep yourself on track:

  1. Keep yourself accountable. Keep your planner/apps up to date. Log in regularly.
  2. Don’t push everything on January. Space it out.
  3. Review your progress once a week and at the end of the month to see how far you have come and how far you need to go. Make changes if you need to, we learn as we go.
  4. Reward yourself for every small goal accomplished.
  5. Start a challenge, 100 days of productivity for example.

If you lag behind or struggle to keep up

Sometimes, we fail simply because we put too much on our plate. Check if this is the case.

Don’t let a stumble in the road stop you. It will pass, you will find a way.

More help:

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I hope this post helps you get the best out of this year. May the force be with you.

Getting the best out of New Year-student edition

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