1. Noisli.com:

Sounds of nature, ocean, rail tracks etc. are rhythmic and soothing. Many people find white noise to help them concentrate better. You can try out noisli if this method works for you. There is also a simple word editor for distraction free writing.

2. Pomodoro timer:

Pomodoro technique is a productivity hack that many people swear by (including me). Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes of work. After that you get a short break of 5 minutes and then again 25 minutes of work. This cycle repeats twice and then you get a 15 minute break. You can repeat the cycle again at this point or take a longer break. Personally I think at least one hour break is needed at this point to regain my enthusiasm and energy.
Here is the official website and here is a free alternative.You can tweak the time intervals to suit your liking.

3. Classical music playlists/study playlists:

Listening to classical instrumental music also helps. Since there are no words, there is a little chance you’ll get distracted. You can find great playlists on 8tracks, youtube or spotify. Here is a great masterpost by @studywitheva, take your pick.

4. Google Calendar/ Evernote reminders:

Setting up your schedule can take a lot of stress away. Planning your day/week in advance helps your brain organize your thoughts and making up your mind to do work is a bit easier. I like to use Google calendar because it comes with the app, and sync option. I set up reminders/events in advance and it reminds me automatically.

Evernote is great as well and comes with a lot many features. You can save screenshots, copy and paste material from anywhere, make your own notes, diagrams etc. There are also features for annotating and sharing your notes/saved attachments and it syncs to your PC, phone and on the web so that you never lose anything. There is the option of reminders too, just like Google calendar.

5. studyblr posts/challenges:

Looking at #studyblr posts on tumblr is itself a motivation boost but if you want to up your game, you can take part in the #100 days of productivity challenge or anything that motivates you to do your job. If 100 days sounds like alot, start with 10 or 30. It really builds up your studying/working habits over time.

6. StayFocusd:

StayFocusd is a plugin for web browsers that allows you to block or restrict any number of sites for a certain period of time. e.g. you can restrict your facebook usage to 10 minutes a day. It will not let you access your restricted website once the daily limit is up. You can also block websites entirely if that helps. There are similar plugins with additional features and for different platforms, you can select whatever you like.

7. Forest(app):

This app is very popular among students. It lets you grow a tree(virtual) for every productive 30 minutes you spend (by productive means to not check your phone). It can be addictive.

Other links/resources:

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Useful Apps:

Coffitivity : Similar to Noisli

Wunderlist : To-do lists

Google Keep: Save everything, alternative to Evernote, integrates with Google Drive

Doodle: Scheduling App, integrates with any calendar app easily

IFTTT: If this, then that

Productivity apps for iphone


Focus by Leo Babauta

Productivity blogs

Online resources to boost productivity
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