Acceleration is related to the feeling of jerk you feel when suddenly breaks are applied in a moving car. It also describes the feeling when you go on a rollercoaster ride. Basically, acceleration is experienced in two ways:

1. When you speed up or speed down
2. When you change your direction of movement

If the acceleration is more, you’ll experience more “jerk”. Typical amusement park rides are designed to give you multiple “jerks” and that gives you the adrenaline rush that makes them enjoyable.¬†Formally, Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. Velocity is rate of change of position. Whenever there is acceleration, it means there is a force causing the change.

When you are travelling in an airplane, you experience very high acceleration and velocity. When the plane is taking off, you feel a pressure and maybe a ringing in your ears. But once the plane is up in the air, this feeling goes away. In fact, if the weather is fine and you don’t see outside, you won’t be able to “feel” whether the plane is moving at all. Even at the speeds like 800 km/hr, you won’t feel a thing. However, if there are turbulences, you’ll feel them strongly. You’ll experience jerks and sideway acceleration.

The reason for this experience is that, you cannot distinguish whether something is staying still or moving at a constant velocity without having a reference point that stays fixed. Meaning: If you are stuck in a room with no windows and door closed, you can’t tell whether the room is moving at a constant speed in a straight line or staying still on ground. The only way you can tell, is if you experience acceleration-the change in motion. If there is no acceleration and no fixed reference point, being still cannot be distinguished from moving with uniform velocity.

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