YouTube has endless possibilities for all kinds of learners. There are courses for people who can’t/don’t want to attend a regular class as well as how to videos when you want a quick guide. It has a lot of useful channels for Physics students as well. Today I’m going to list a few of these which are my favourites, I shall review them in detail in later posts:

Note: I have compiled the list keeping Physics in mind, but some of them are more general. 

Lecture style:

1. **Khan Academy
I don’t think they deserve any explanation, they are simply the best. Especially for Maths, Khan Academy is one of the best platforms out there. They have everything, lectures, examples, demos, practice problems, tests etc.

2. Crash Course Physics
Based on AP Physics. This channel is a work in progress, they have covered Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves at the time of writing this post. But what sets them aside is their beautiful yet simple animations which make every concept crystal clear in your mind. They update once a week and every video is about 10 minutes or so. I think they are also working on a curriculum based on the videos.
If you are a fan of CCP, make sure to check out Doc Schuster. They have practice problems and examples based on CC lecture. Usually they update within 2-3 hours of CCP video and cover 2-3 examples.

3. DrPhysicsA
Covers AP level Physics as well as some advanced topics. Great for understanding concepts.

4. EEVBlog:Electronics Engineering
I remember struggling to understand Amplifiers and wasting 3 days trying to find something useful. He explained in 10 minutes what my teacher couldn’t explain in a 2 hr lecture. A must for electronics students but Physics people can also find a bunch of useful stuff.


1. **Physics videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
I love his videos! They explain everything by animations. If you are struggling with Relativity, Quantum Physics or Electromagnetism, go watch.

Cool stuff/Advanced:

1. **Veritasium
The key aspect of his style is that, he stresses on the misconceptions. He focuses on your preconceived notions and challenges them. I think anybody who is serious about science should examine their assumptions because we are wrong, more often than not.

2. **PBS Space Time
More advanced than a typical physics series. They cover topics like Relativity, Wave-Particle Duality and Cosmology in much more depth than any other channel I know of, but in a very entertaining way. There are challenges and rewards too to motivate you. They answer questions based on earlier videos regularly which is an excellent way to learn.

3. Minutephysics
Cool hand-drawn animations+Physics!

Some more:


CGP Grey

It is okay to be smart

The physics girl

Sixty symbols

Scishow space 

Kurzgesagt-In a Nutshell

Royal Institution

**highly recommended.